360 Graden Photobooth Spinner

With the Do it SelfieMosaic Wall you can create a physical and digital mosaic with live photos of your event
The mega large end result is a mosaic of 200×140 cm (or 200×160 cm or 110×110 cm).

At the photobooth, our (mobile) photographer, at a photo mirror or ... the photos are made and processed in the mosaic. Or via the unique Do it SelfieWizard everyone can upload a photo to the mosaic on their smartphone.

The end result of all those photos? That will be an image that YOU supply: a photo, a logo, it's all possible! Little by little, the mosaic reveals the end result, as soon as your event is over, the mosaic wall is ready.


The mosaic is created with photos of 5×5 or 10×10 cm. These will be printed at the Mosaic Print Station. Guests can stick these on the Mosaic Wall.

Up close you can see the pictures of the guests on the stickers, but from further away you can see the unveiling of the final result.

The TV at the Mosaic Station functions as a slideshow and shows individual photos and the developing mosaic.

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The magic happens in the background. The photos from the photobooth are streamed to the Mosaic Print station.

This station randomly selects the photos that together will form the mosaic.

The image formed by the mosaic is up to you. Whether it is a logo reveal, a photo or ...

Thanks to the intelligent algorithm of our software, the mosaic is neatly fed during the event. And so, it is ready on time.

Are there any gaps left? In that case these will be filled in automatically at the end.


The Mosaic Wall for a lasting memento of your event!


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photo booth delivery

€ 425

incl. VAT

  • Based on 4 consecutive hours
  • Delivery and installation of the photo booth
  • Background of your choice (basic backgrounds)
  • Take unlimited photos at 5 x 15 cm, each photo strip standard 2x printed

  • All your photos digital

  • Photo strip layout in your own style with your own text/logo

  • Including photo gadgets on sticks (moustaches, glasses, bows etc.)

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Prices include 50 km travel costs (driven kilometers) from Oud-Beijerland, after that € 0.35 per km.

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