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Doe het SelfieBox Mini

This photobooth is the smallest photobooth we could make. You can pick it up yourself (at Oud-Beijerland)! This makes it a very affordable photobooth. For only € 300 you can pick it up for 6 hours. You can pick it up 1 day before the party. In 15/20 minutes you can set it up yourself, during your party the guests will take care of everything else themselves. And the day after the party you bring everything back. It's as simple as that! And that makes a considerable difference to the price.

Do you live too far away to pick it up? With our transport service we just bring & pick it up. For a fixed rate of € 100, we even deliver to the most remote places in the Netherlands.

goedkope photobooth mini


This photobooth is an attractive option because of the price and because it just looks super nice. For a competitive price you have an evening full of fun. Despite the low price, this photobooth contains an SLR camera and lighting for a well-lit photo. We style the photostrip layout for you, you get all the digital files as well, so it's totally complete. You only have to take care of the collection, assembly, dismantling and return. So it's a great idea if you're willing to put in some effort yourself.

Pick up can often be done a day earlier and you can bring it back after sleeping out!


You don't want to pick it up yourself? And want to have it delivered? Of course you can! We will be happy to help you turn your party into an enjoyable event. If you opt for the transport service, the photobooth will be delivered one day before your event. You can assemble it yourself within fifteen minutes. Afterwards, you take it apart again and put everything into the transport box. The day after, we will return to pick it up.


  • Nice and compact and it is therefore a match for every event
  • Easy to pick up and install yourself
  • Affordable photobooth
  • Adjustable heights

Would you like to get to know more other affordable photobooths? Check out this overview of affordable photobooths!

You can rent an affordable photobooth from € 300 !


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photo booth delivery

€ 425

incl. VAT

  • Based on 4 consecutive hours
  • Delivery and installation of the photo booth
  • Background of your choice (basic backgrounds)
  • Take unlimited photos at 5 x 15 cm, each photo strip standard 2x printed

  • All your photos digital

  • Photo strip layout in your own style with your own text/logo

  • Including photo gadgets on sticks (moustaches, glasses, bows etc.)

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