christmas photobooth

Christmas entertainment for an unforgettable christmas.

Are you organizing a Christmas party? Looking for something unforgettable? With a photo booth at a Christmas party, you have a guaranteed hit! Whether you're organizing a corporate Christmas party, a Christmas market, a school Christmas gala, or a Christmas promotion for a shopping center, a photobooth is simply a success!

selfiebooths christmas

Christmas photobooth social

Do you want a trendy eyecatcher? This photobooth is in christmas style and it can make pictures, GIFs, Boomerangs and Slomo video's. It can do so much! You can even rent it from €360 incl VAT!

christmas photobooth compact

christmas photobooth Compact

This christmas photobooth is more like a photobooth in an open concept. There is a photobooth and a decor wall behind it. Your guests will stand in front of the wall when they make the picture. We have all different kinds of decor walls.

christmas photo mirror

Vintage christmas photomirror

Glitter & glamour party’s just ask for a festive christmas entertainment . Hoe festive do you wanna have it? Our cool Vintage SelfieMirror in christmas style is an investment for your event.

christmas enclosed photobooth

Christmas photobooth enclosed

This photobooth is the 'traditional' photobooth you know from for example the trainstation, but trendy. It looks cool, you stand behind a curtain and you get a great photo quality made with a flash.

christmas photobooth with greenscreen

Your photo is made in front of a greenscreen wall, the photobooth changes this wall into a winter landscape, santa's sleigh, a nice fireplace and suddenly there falls snow all over your head...

christmas greenscreen photobooth

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