Event fotostudio with photographer

including a photographer and direct printing, from 10x15cm till A4 format !

We use our event photographers for loads of photo-activities. You can use it for fun and marketing etc. We like it!

Do you have a unique greenscreen idea? let us know, we would like to help you make it come true : 088-8580888 !

mobiele event fotostudio met event fotograaf

Mobile photostudio

Do you want a mobile photostudio on your event? Making a photo with your favorite sporter or TV-star? On the red carpet? All visitors on a picture? Or however you want it? We make the pictures and print them directly

With additions for fun and for marketing can you make it however you want!

magazine cover photostudio

Magazine Cover photostudio

You are publicating a business magazine, personells magazine or consumersmagazine? With this project we put your visitors on your magazine. So they are getting a personalised cover. If your customers want it they can put their names on the cover.

We print on a size of your choice : 10x15 cm, 13x18 cm, 15x20 cm and even 20x30 cm !

linkedin photographer with event photostudio

LinkedIn profile photostudio

Do you want to give your visitors a nice souvenir? With a photographer you give them a very usefull profile picture for their socials!

After the photoshoot the choose the best picture with the photograph. Just fill in your email and you get the picture directly in your mailbox!

red carpet photography

red carpet photography

During prom, diplomation or ... your guests make their entry to you event. At entry the photograph directly makes a picture of you guests.
You can even combine it with a greenscreen photobooth during the event.

glamour fotoshoot

Glamour photoshoot

Really fun for a fashion show, ladies night, fashiondays, valentines day, mothers/fathersday but also for a (business) party

Our photograph makes beautifull, glamourphoto’s from your visitors. The photos get printed directly on a size of choice, from 10x15 cm till 20x30 cm.



WHAT?! #NOBOOTH ? In the Netherlands we don't really know it, but it's really nice! Accually it's just a photobooth, but the photos are made by a real photgraph. Like this you get beatifull, spontanious, real and open photo's from your visitors

A really beautifull photo to keep. 

greenscreen photostudio with photographer

mobile Greenscreen photostudio with photograph

This greenscreen event creates more freedom and interaction by making pictures of your visitors. Our photograph places your visitors in front of the greenscreen wall and makes a picture of them and makes a great greenscreen edit of them.

Photo gadgets

Are you looking for something fun for marketing that is really unique? We can create really cool gadgets! We create e.g. buttons, medals, keychains and magnets with a nice photo on them.

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