Rent a photo mirror for your party? Check out our 7 different photo mirrors here!

The most popular photobooths are definitely the photo mirrors! We have 7 different types of mirror photobooths available. The nice thing is that a photo mirror with all kinds of cool animations 'talks' with the guests and you are photographed from head to toe. And the looks of a photo mirror are truly unique.

The photo mirror is also known as : Magic Mirror, Selfie Mirror, Interactive Photo Mirror, Mirror Booth, Photo Mirror and Magic Photo Mirror!

vintage fotospiegel huren

Vintage Doe het SelfieSpiegel

Stylish and chic is this vintage Do it Selfie Mirror. This Magic Photo Mirror ensures a super event for your guests. Great animations and a mega large mirror of no less than 1,5 m.

beauty photo mirror

Beauty Doe het SelfieSpiegel

This photo mirror is so stylish and striking that it is a welcome 'guest' at a unique party. The high class, super-chic design of this magic mirror makes it a perfect fit for a fancy party.

flower fotospiegel met flowerwall

Flower Doe het SelfieSpiegel

This super romantic photo mirror creates a 'WOW' factor at your party. A beautiful frame with light pink roses and green tendrils around the mirror and a flower wall where the partygoers will be photographed. Romantic, floral, unique, just perfect for any romantic party.

disco photo mirror led photobooth

LED Disco Doe het SelfieSpiegel

Surely this is the coolest, most unique photo mirror you can find. We set the illuminated LED Disco frame with colors of your choice, and the disco dance floor in front of it will of course match those colors.

mini photomirror

mini doe het SelfieSpiegel

This hand mirror passes from hand-to-hand. On every spot of your event they can make a selfie. A wireless printer on a central part of the event prints the pictures, ready to collect.

photo mirror with branding


Would you like to use a photo mirror for photo marketing? With a branding in your corporate identity the photo mirror is perfect for festivals, fairs, congresses and all kinds of other events where you want to promote your company or brand.

cargo bike photobooth


Deze unieke opvallende photobooth bakfiets past helemaal in de trend van de foodtrucks. Perfect voor festivals, op het strand, in winkelcentra, midden in het bos of … Inclusief iPad voor social sharing én ingebouwde TV met slideshow van de selfies.


Renting a magic photo mirror of the Do it SelfieBox guarantees an unforgettable event. Very suitable for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, fairs but also for any other event! The magic mirrors work fully automatic. You choose a photo gadget or something nice from our fancy dress case and step in front of the selfie mirror. With one tap on the mirror you will see that the mirror is counting down with cool animations ... 3,2,1 ... and then it automatically takes a photo. After 3 photos, all kinds of cool animations and especially a lot of fun, a printout of your selfie automatically rolls out of the printer!


We have 7 different photo mirrors available. So, there is always a model that fits your needs and your event! Whether you are looking for a standard cheap photo mirror or romantic photo mirror with flower wall, or the unique LED Disco photo mirror, it's all possible. Do you want more than a magic mirror, and do you want to get started with photo marketing? Even then we have a lot of fun for you!

Renting a photo mirror, but you don't know yet what the best choice is? You can always give us a call : 088-8580888! We will be happy to help you make a choice.


At the Do the SelfieBox you can already rent a photo mirror for € 475. We will come and install it for you and during the party you manage it yourself. Would you prefer it even cheaper? In that case the hand mirror is available for € 200, including prints! Do you want to be completely taken care of? From € 550 we arrange EVERYTHING. A host/hostess will stay with you during your party.

It is our daily aim to amaze you and exceed your expectations. Everything is taken care of down to the last detail, that's what we stand for!


  • 7 Different mirrors/mirror photobooths

  • You can rent a photo mirror from € 200

  • Self-pickup, delivery & collection or have it completely taken care of

  • Excellent quality photos and good lighting

  • Unlimited photo taking included by default

  • Formatting photo strips to your own style

  • Your photos all digital as well

  • Our customers rate us on average with a 9,4

photo mirror fun with friends
unique photobooth the beauty selfie mirror
photo mirror for marketing
rent photo mirror wedding

Waarom kiezen voor een fotospiegel ipv een 'gewone' photobooth huren?

Een fotospiegel, ook wel mirror booth genoemd, doet eigenlijk niets anders dan een gewone photobooth. Maar toch zijn ze razend populair. Er zijn een aantal verschilletjes : 

  • De ‘looks’ zijn ongeëvenaard ! Een fotospiegel is glitter en glamour
  • Je kijkt in een spiegel i.p.v. naar een beeldscherm
  • Een fotospiegel werkt met allerlei toffe animaties
  • Je staat hierbij van top tot teen op de foto

We schreven er een artikel over in ons blog :

Een fotospiegel voor fun én foto marketing

Een fotospiegel heeft een gigantische aantrekkingskracht. Naast onze 'gewone' fotospiegels hebben we een fotospiegel die we volledig in jouw branding kunnen stylen.

Met alle marketing tools die in de spiegel zitten kunnen we er optimaal rendement uit halen voor jouw bedrijf of merk. Foto's worden gedeeld op social media, je kunt e-mailadressen verzamelen én met prints hangt jouw logo nog lang op het prikbord van de bezoekers.

De mogelijkheden zijn haast eindeloos. Lees er een interessant artikel over in ons blog :

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