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Beauty Doe het SelfieSpiegel

This stylish round beauty photo mirror is a magnet for your guests. Whether you are looking for something unique and beautiful for a business event, wedding, or ... With this matte black photo mirror your guests will automatically queue up to take a photo. They pose on the red carpet, smile at the mirror and a little later their 10x15 cm print rolls out of the printer. Of course there is a print for everyone who takes a photo.

beauty photo mirror


A photo mirror works almost the same as any other photobooth. You stand in front of it and the mirror takes pictures of you. What makes it different is that it has a unique, much more attractive appearance. You smile at the mirror and not at a visually visible camera. All the technology is neatly concealed in the mirror.

With the Beauty Photo Mirror we can do much more than with an 'ordinary' photobooth. For example, you can use it to sign your photos, provide them with 
emoji's, you can play games on them and virtual props are also 


We love selfies, parties and arrange everything down to the last detail for you. You get our all-in service for free! For example, we can make photo strips completely custom made for you, with your own invitation or logo on it. The photos will also be sent to you digitally. Photo props are included in the package and a host / hostess with a suitcase full of props comes as part of the complete package.

A selfie mirror will amp up your party, will provide you with a personal thank-you and you will have a souvenir of an unforgettable party.


Whatever event you organize, renting a photo booth is always a success. Young and old will excitedly make selfies with our photo mirrors at:

The most stylish photo mirror in the Netherlands!

PRICE OF THE Beauty Doe het SelfieSpiegel

Check the price of the Beauty Doe het SelfieSpiegel here. For longer or multi-day events we are happy to make a price calculation for you!

Beauty mirror booth + canvas guestbook

€ 795

incl. VAT (€ 600 excl. VAT)

Prices include 50 km travel costs (driven kilometers) from Oud-Beijerland, after that € 0.35 per km.

Extra opportunities for this photo mirror 

gastenboek bruiloft

Guestbook service

€ 50


100 pieces € 35

Event photographer

€ 150

Flowerwall background

€ 100

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