Mobile photografie

Make a picture on every possible place on your event/location!

Our mobile photography solutions offer a completely different way to capture and share moments. We walk through your event, bringing the art of taking selfies to your guests. They can take selfies at the table, on the dance floor, in front of your exhibition stand., on the deck of a party boat, in the park, everywhere you want!

We have various fun solution for an unforgettable mobile photobooth experience. Below you'll find plenty of exciting solutions. If you need assistance, feel free to call us at 0031 (0)88 858 0888

roaming photobooth

Mobile photobooth

This photo option is perfect for a party, like a wedding, corporate event or a birthday but it can also be a perfect solution if you are looking for an attracting and effective photo marketing. The pictures can be shared by email, mobile phone and social media, they can even be printed.

roaming photographer

mobile photographer

Our hosts walk around your event with handy mobile photobooths. They just snap a picture, and with the mobile photobooth, they instantly send their picture to your email and they can directly post it on your socials. If you want, they can even be printed!

social media promotion team

Social Media photo PromotionTeam

Would you like more likes and followers on your socials? Our hosts team up to promote your company  at an event using photo marketing. With a social media frame and a mobile photobooth, they take pictures of the visitors that can be quickly shared on social media.

photoframe with photographer

Mobile photographer with Picture frame

.We're heading out to promote your event, company, brand or message though photo marketing. Using a custom made picture frame and our mobile photobooth we make pictures of your visitors. These pictures can be printed on the spot or shared on social media.

mini photomirror

Mobile photographer with mini photo mirror

Our hosts roams around your event, through your store, shopping mall, festival, or.... allowing your visitors to take a selfie using the handheld mirror. You can choose whether you want the pictures to be shared digital or instantly printed

Mobile photography for fun & marketing

Our phototbooths and photomirrors provide perfect photo entertainment and also work well as photo marketing tools. However, with our various mobile photography solutions, our hosts can approach the visitors instead of the other way around, we move around your event with a mobile photobooth, mobile photomirror or our mobile photoboxes. And don't forget our instax party crew, they are perfect for your events too.

Wherever your audience is, we capture photos, and these photos can be instantly shared by your visitors on the internet.

social media marketing? Email marketing?

Would you like more likes and shares on your social media? Or do you want to increase the online visibility of your company/brand? Or maybe you are looking to get more subscriptions on your digital newsletter? 

With our mobile photobooths, we have the perfect tool! We take pictures, automatically provide them with your branding, and then share the photos on social media and via email.

This way you cat gain new subscribers for your digital newsletter and boost your social media engagement

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