Rent a photo booth for your party? Check our 7 different photobooths here!

We have 7 different photo booths, photopods and photo columns available. Some are bigger, others somewhat more compact and there are even different kinds of awesome photo mirrors! Below you can see the different photo booths. Select your booth and read more.

DOE HET SELFIEBOX with curtain

This photo booth is the traditional photo booth you know from the train station, but in a trendy, contemporary style. It looks cool, you are behind a curtain and you'll get quality photos thanks to the beautiful studio flash.

photobooth gif and print


This photobooth is a simple and easy to setup booth. At the start this was made for the digital sharing of photo's, GIFs and (boomerang) videos. But now it's also available with printer so you can print your photo.

stylish luxury wood photo booth

doe het selfiebox wood

This iconic and with love made oakwood photobooth is the star of your next event. Rustic, classic and stylish design


This photo booth is an open concept photo booth. You have a photo column and a separate back wall, where your guests will be photographed. You can choose all kinds of nice fabrics for the back wall!

rustic heart photo booth


Are you searching for a photobooth that sends out loads of love and looks really romantic? Then is this the perfect heart for you and your 'partner in love'.

vogue booth

vogue booth

A Vogue Booth is a unique photo experience with animated GIF, Boomerang, (digital) photos or the real Vogue.

Super Model experience on video. Entirely in shiny silver and filled with neon light, we created a kind of futuristic vibe with the light tunnel/Vogue Booth.


Renting a photo booth is guaranteed to be fun! Perfect for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, fairs, as well as any other event! The photo booth works fully automatic. You step in front of the camera, select a photo gadget (moustache, glasses, hat, or ... on a stick) and click on the touchscreen as soon as you're ready. The screen counts down: 3,2,1 ... and then automatically takes a photo. A print of your selfie will automatically roll out on the side after 3 photos!


We have 7 different photobooths available. There's always a model that fits your needs and event! Whether you're looking for a standard cheap photo column, a closed photo booth or a trendy GIF/slomo/photo/videobooth, it's all possible. Do you want more than a photo booth, and do you want to get started with photo marketing? We've got the right stuff for you as well!

Want to rent a photo booth, but you don't know which one to choose? Give us a call: (+31) (0)88-8580888! We'll be happy to help you make a choice.


At Doe het SelfieBox you can rent a photo booth for € 300. You pick it up and bring it back by yourself. You don't want prints, but cool, trendy GIFs? You're set for € 225! Want to have everything taken care of? Starting at € 595, we arrange EVERYTHING. A host/hostess will stay with you during your party.

It is our daily aim to amaze you and exceed your expectations. Everything is taken care of down to the last detail, that's what we aim for!


  • 7 different photo booths and photo columns

  • You can rent a photo column for as little as € 225.

  • Self-pickup, delivery & collection or have it completely taken care of

  • Excellent quality photos and good lighting

  • Unlimited photos standard included

  • Formatting photo strips in your own style

  • Your photos also digital

  • Our customers rate us with a 9.5 on average

picking one of our 7 photobooths

Making a choice is difficult,  but we'll help you pick one!

1) How much do you want to have arranged with your photobooth?

You can rent a photobooth with host during your event. We can also just deliver and pick it up. You can also come and pick up a photobooth by yourself but it can also just be delivered. The more you do youself the cheaper your photobooth is.

Completely taken care of photobooth : Doe het SelfieBox Enclosed, Doe het SelfieBox Compact, Doe het SelfieBox Heart, Doe het SelfieBox Social, Doe het SelfieBox Wood, Vogue Booth and the Doe het Selfiebox Mini

Let it be delivered & pick it up and assembling of the photobooth : Doe het SelfieBox Enclosed and the Doe het SelfieBox Compact

Let it be delivered, assembling yourself : Doe het SelfieBox Mini and theDoe het SelfieBox Wood.

Picking up a photobooth yourself  : Doe het SelfieBox Mini and the Doe het SelfieBox Wood.

2) welk budget wil je uitgeven aan een photobooth?

3) pick the photobooth you like

It sounds a bit lame, but accually all photobooths do the same : Making pictures and printing. How they look depends the most. Do you want it enclosed, than pick the Doe het SelfieBox enclosed. Do you have a 'cool' party, than pick the Vogue Booth a really great choice. 

And so on! But look at what you and your guests would like the most. That's how you make the best choice.

4) Do you want prints or just gifs

Do you only want GIFs and don't need a printer? Then the Doe het SelfieBox Wood is a great option. This photobooth is made for digital documents: GIF, Boomerang, Video's en photo's (to share digital!).

All other photobooths make prints standard. They can make GIFs, Boomerang en video's on request.

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